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I am interested in esoterics, the hidden world. The books inspired me through my life, sometimes very helpfull,
especially when I did not have a time for learning and exams were very close. There are a lots of helpfull methods
for self discoveries and the other invisible world, one can have glimpse now and then.

The biggest discoveries were books Life after life by Raymond Moody, Esoterics by Bretislav Kafka, books from T. Lobsang Rampa and Edgar Cayce.

I found, that the most challenging art is portraiture. Someone once said, "If you
can do a portrait, than you can do everything".

In today's busy life I prefer to work from photos, but if time is not an issue
I encourage you to let me do your portrait in my studio. The details will be discussed.


Joseph Coban - fine artist

Ottawa - Ontario - Canada


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